What a rich and diverse history of Australian women has been captured in this music.
And it’s a song cycle, unified by its music and text. It’s accessible and real

(Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret, Melbourne University Graduate School of Education)

On March 22, 2015, Maiden Voyage was launched at University College (Parkville, Melbourne) with Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret overseeing proceedings and special guest speaker Dr Anne Summers, AO.

Dr Anne Summers AO
introduction by Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret

The event opened with the recording of the first song in the cycle, Shifting South, sung by Scratch.

Live performances were given by Grace Notes Singers (Quiet Courage), Majellan Singers (Australian Air) and soloist Rachael Tidd (A Woman in the House) accompanied by Jane Macdermott.

 Jane Macdermott

Majellan Singers (Australian Air) accompanied by Jane Macdermott

“…There is so much of Australian history and wealth that arose directly from the efforts of women who were not given credit for what they did so it is very much a part of our story and I’m very glad it’s recognized in this work…
One of the bitter lessons that we have learnt from politics – the same thing applies to history – is that just because we have uncovered something, just because we have reinterpreted it, or just because we have told the story more fully, that it’s going to survive. But it doesn’t survive unless we carry it on, and we carry it on through literature, through films, through music…and I would like to thank Lorraine Milne very, very much for this wonderful piece of work

(Dr Anne Summers AO)

Who Cares!

Recording Session at Ginger Studios, Melbourne
08 08 2014
Vocals: Song Rise
Accompanist: Kathryn Pisani

The quartet, Song Rise, was represented via studio footage, filmed by Jean-Pierre Chabrol during the recording of Who Cares!


A recorded message from Lindsay Badenoch who made this project possible as a legacy from Camilla Maxwell, closed the formal part of the launch.

Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret

Introduction to Quiet Courage by Melissa Bouchier of Grace Notes Singers

Lorraine milne

Introduction to Australian Air by Kathy Forrester of Majellan Singers

Woman in the House

Recording Session at Ginger Studios, Melbourne
March 28, 2014
Soloist: Rachael Tidd
Accompanist: Jane Macdermott