The recording of MAIDEN VOYAGE is dedicated to the memory of Camilla Maxwell, and to Lindsay Badenoch without whom this recording would never have happened.

THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who have become part of this project; the soloist: Rachael Tidd; the choirs: Scratch with Kate Sadler (conductor) – Grace Notes Singers with Jan Goodall (conductor) and Felicity Baldock (voice coach) – Majellan Singers with Bill Simmons (conductor); the girls of Song Rise: Flip Case, Emily Hayes, Katie Hull-Brown and Nicki Johnson; the accompanists: Jane Macdermott, Greg Mason and Kathryn Pisani; recording engineer: Jim Atkins, and house engineer Jimi Wyatt at Ginger Studios.

ALSO special thanks to: Sue Johnson (Coco’s Lunch), Dr Ros McMillan, Donna Wallis, Helen McMahon, John and Wendy Powell, Lynne Ruthven, Kate Sadler, Dr Neryl Jeanneret, Dr David Forrest and Daniel Taylor for their recommendations, support, and help in finding the choirs and groups, Harry Barber for editorial assistance, and a special gong to Lois Ellis for her unfailing attendance during the composition of this song cycle.

AND a very special mention to independent film maker, Jean-Pierre Chabrol for his enthusiastic belief in this project and his generosity in filming and photographing rehearsals and recording sessions.

MAIDEN VOYAGE: An Australian Song Cycle
Words and Music: Lorraine Milne © 1997 / 2013

1. Shifting South (Scratch) 3.14
2. Damned Once (Rachael Tidd) 2.26
3. Quiet Courage (Grace Notes Singers) 2.41
4. Thank ‘em for Aussie Wine (Song Rise) 2.32
5. Oh Louisa (Grace Notes Singers) 3.32
6. A Woman in the House (Rachael Tidd) 2.11
7. Australian Air (Majellan Singers) 2.36
8. A Matter of Survival (Song Rise) 2.55
9. A Woman Is Not the Right Man (Rachael Tidd) 2.19
10. Who Cares! (Song Rise) 1.43
11. Birthday Ballot (Rachael Tidd) 3.20
12. No Value (Scratch) 2.34
13. In the End (Rachael Tidd and Grace Notes Singers) 2.24

Kate Sadler (conductor) Tracks 1, 12
Jan Goodall (conductor), Felicity Baldock (voice coach) Tracks 3, 5, 13
Bill Simmons (conductor) Track 7
Jane Macdermott (accompanist) Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 13
Greg Mason (accompanist) Tracks 1, 4, 8, 12
Kathryn Pisani (accompanist) Tracks 7, 10

Jim Atkins (recording engineer)
Jimi Wyatt (house engineer)
Produced by Lorraine Milne
Recorded at Ginger Studios, Cremorne, Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Lois Ellis (additional words) Shifting South and Oh Louisa

The Soloist

Rachael Tidd




Conductor: Kate Sadler
Accompanist: Greg Mason
Sopranos: Charlotte Fox, Sue Webster, Esther Holt, Roslyn White
Mezzo-Sopranos: Lareen Ashbolt, Janet Creaner, Nadine Brown, Miriam Carr
Altos: Catherine McLean, Amy Bennett, Cathy Drinkwater, Vanessa Nimmo, Katerina Stathis


Grace Notes Singers

Conductor: Jan Goodall
Voice Coach: Felicity Baldock
Accompanist: Jane Macdermott
Sopranos: Miranda Bordignon, Emma Hesketh, Mary Kiss-Rigo, Vanessa Laidlaw, Olivia Muscat
Mezzo-Sopranos: Melissa Bourchier, Kelsey Collins, Madeleine Flowers, Emily Gregg, Maeve Hocking, Bree Regester, Alessandra Wulf
Altos: Elle Athanasiou, Clare Fogarty, Anita Narayan, Cassandra Slater,
Jessica Veljanovski


Majellan Singers

Conductor: Bill Simmons
Accompanist: Kathryn Pisani
Sopranos: Sally Byron, Wendy Howes, Kathy Forrester
Mezzo-Sopranos: Rosemary Dusting, Anne Jozsa, Katie Macleish, Suzanne McCleery
Altos: Patsy Donnelly, Fiona Dodds, Lyn Syme, Myriam Ash, Pam Dawson-Smith

The Quartet


Song Rise

Emily Hayes, Nicki Johnson, Katie Hull-Brown, Flip Case


Greg Mason

Greg Mason

Jane Macdermott

Jane Macdermott

Kathryn Pisani

THE recording engineer


Jim Atkins

THE Composer

Lorraine Milne